Venture Works Commercial Capital offers loan products for commercial real estate loans nationwide.
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SBLC Financing

SBLC Financing is something that has been around for years. An SBLC is a stand by letter of credit not to be confused with a LOC (letter of credit). A letter of credit is used for business transactions that require a business to have the 100% dollar amount set aside for payment of goods. It is usually used in commercial importing and exporting.

An SBLC can be used a variety of ways. As like the LOC it is also used in importing and exporting as well as like a documentary letter of credit. (DLC)

Venture Works Commercial Capital offers loan products for commercial real estate loans nationwide. A SBLC, however, is just a credit enhancement and based on you having some assets, CD's, cash, net worth.

SBLC financing programs range from 100M and up. They range from immediate project financing to installment financing. In this tough economic market, this type of financing is being used to finish construction projects, provide charities and businesses with some extra cash, back private equity, obtain film financing, and provide municipalities a way to improve infrastructure. Any type of project financing can be done this way.

SBLC Financing is one of the safest ways to get your project financed for you and the investor. It provides for more flexibility and better terms. There are even forgivable loans available for humanitarian projects and for projects that will be creating jobs. In this economy almost every project would qualify under that category.

With our SBLC programs, the SBLC is never called and in most cases only assigned as you remain the beneficiary. It again is the easiest and best way to receive financing today.

Here are a few examples of some of the SBLC programs:

  • Min 100M face value
  • Up to 200% project financing
  • Forgivable loans within 90 days or sooner
  • Up to 80% of the face value of the SBLC
  • Leased programs (please check with us first before you lease an instrument- there are only a few programs that allow this and you do not want to get stuck with an unusable leased instrument)
  • Proof of Funds backed via bank to bank communication
  • Very competitive pricing

Venture Works also has best pricing for your SBLC and DLC needs. Whether you are looking for financing or using it for importing and exporting commodities, we are your right choice.

There are numerous programs to meet your needs.

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